Transforming Stress Ltd

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Transforming Stress Ltd [1] provides component design and assessment services for a wide range of industries.


Transforming Stress Ltd (TSL) is an engineering consultancy that was founded in 2017 to provide consultancy in relation to the safe design and assessment of components and structures. The consultancy is based on decades of support provided to the power, transport and medical industries, including up-front design, in-service assessment and failure investigation. The organisation has considerable experience of a broad range of joining methods and the affect of joints and welds on component behaviour during the creation of the joint and then under subsequent service, including extremes of loading conditions.


TSL has staff with nearly four decades of experience with FEA. TSL has the Abaqus general purpose FEA software and has used it for a non-linear static and cyclic loading problems to assess the fatigue and fracture strength of systems. TSL has also used Abaqus to analyse the thermodynamics and thermo-mechanics of weld production.


TSL closely collaborates with many consultancy organisations and is a founding member of OxCAM [2] which brings together expertise from the power and transport industries and also provide facilities for small and medium sized organisations to access the considerable benefits of cloud computing.

TSL is proud to be a founding member of aiCAMstir.