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FTS Engineering Answers Ltd
FTS Engineering Logo FINAL.png
146 London Road

SG18 8EH
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 7758742358


FTS Engineering Answers is an independent engineering service provider.

Mission Statement

FTS Engineering Answers' objective is to provide Engineering Answers to your Engineering questions by simplifying the complex using engineering common sense and simulation. FTS Engineering Answers works across industries and across disciplines and where necessary use its extensive network to bring in specialist expertise as required. Subsequently, FTS Engineering Answers is able to answer those questions that others find difficult. FTS Engineering Answers looks to build long term relationships by focusing on its Clients; this requires work of high quality and high integrity.


FTS Engineering Answers has over 25 year's experience of with CFD. FTS Engineering Answers has been working with Transforming Stress Ltd on FSW; initially looking to validate the approach [1] and then extending the approach to look at Lap Welding [2]. Please contact FTS Engineering Answers without obligation by phone (+44 7758742358) or email (info@fts-engineeringanswers.com) to discuss any of the services offered.


FTS Engineering Answers closely collaborates with many consultancy organisations and is a founding member of OxCAM Engineering Arc[3] which brings together expertise from the power and transport industries and also provide facilities for small and medium sized organisations to access the considerable benefits of cloud computing.

FTS Engineering Answers is proud to be a founding partner of aiCAMstir.


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