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The following upcoming events are related to the topics of this project:

9th aiCAMstir meeting

We want to invite you to attend the 9th free-of-charge on-line aiCAMstir meeting on using artificial intelligence in Computer Aided Manufacture of friction stir welds:

Date and time in different time zones

Date to be determined


The aiCAMstir network

The preliminary agenda of the 90 min long on-line meeting is as follows:

  • Welcome and Introduction (2-3 sentences each)
  • FSW Data Set Expansion, Version 2.0, by Kevin Colligan, CTC (25 min + 5 min questions)
  • Quality, Cost and Sustainability of Friction Stir Welded Cu-Al-Cu Bus Bars, by Stephan Kallee, AluStir (25 min + 5 min questions)
  • Collaborative Projects, Organisational Comments and Date of Next Meeting. Mike Lewis (FTS Engineering Answers Ltd)

Please contact stephan.kallee@alustir.com, if you want to attend the meeting and/or if you want to participate in the project.